October 25, 2023
Written by Trin
Wires crossed

One of my favourite recent additions to my collection has been Ed Templeton’s skate odyssey, Wires Crossed. As someone who adores skate culture, but has always been too hesitant to engage, I can say this book will become a staple in skate culture, making Templeton’s impact on the skate community everlasting. Templeton, who has always been one with skate culture and finding the artistic side of the sport, has spend decades exploring the intricate and intimate relation between city life and human emotion, and doing that through exhibiting the skating world, this elements which he weaves together in his photography, creates images that are raw and poignant.

As the title suggests, Wires Crossed follows this interconnectivity of all the elements he’s featured in his work through the years, making this collection the amalgamation of all of Templeton’s core thematic elements. Templeton's journey as an artist began on the streets of Southern California, where he discovered skateboarding as a young teenager. This seemingly simple act of riding a skateboard became the first wire he crossed, connecting him to a community of like-minded individuals who shared his passion. Templeton's early life was shaped by this subculture, and it became the central theme in his work, and how he communicates the complexities of human emotion, identity, and relationships. His images serve as a bridge, connecting viewers to the visceral experiences of skaters navigating through the streets, bodies in constant motion, and their minds seeking liberation from societal norms and constraints.

In this collection, Templeton explores intimate moments, capturing the nuances of human interaction. His subjects are both candid and vulnerable, revealing glimpses of their inner lives. These images resonate with viewers, as they find themselves drawn into the emotional narratives unfolding within the frames. The paradoxical nature of Templeton's work lies in its ability to simultaneously document and transform reality, it’s this nature which explains the titular wires that sum up the meaning of this collection.

Ed Templeton's artistic journey is a testament to the power of crossing wires—of intersecting passions and interests. From skateboarding to photography to street art, he has masterfully woven these elements together to create a body of work that reflects the dynamic and complex nature of contemporary urban life. His art challenges us to see the world through a different lens, encouraging us to explore the wires that connect our own passions and interests. In doing so, Ed Templeton reminds us that art can be a vehicle for self-discovery and a bridge to the vibrant, multifaceted world around us.

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